Overhung Crankshaft

  Our overhung crankshaft designs make possible solid connecting rod

  Crankshaft rotates on two heavy duty ball bearings

  Overhung Crankshaft with replaceable crank pin bush

  Perfect Machining with proper drilling for centrifugal unloaders

  Dynamic balanced cranksaft rotate freely

  Axial aligned, Perfect machined and hydraulic pressed crankshaft.

Steel Bushings

  Proper basic material with CNC machining, proper in house heat treated and maintained tolerances surface grinding with smooth shining surface

  Ensure perfact size match with the dimension with crankshaft and connecting rod for easy assembly with long life

Connecting Rods

  Aluminum, bronze, SG iron & forging connecting rods

  Precisely machined at both end

  Ensured perfect dimension at Bush & pin holes maching

  Great finishing & long lasting

  Ensure premissible tolerancs


  Indivisiual Casting and moulding ensure material quality control with best possible wear characteristics .Exacting measurements produce rings to make any compresor at maximum efficency.


  Materials- metalic, phoenolic, Resilon-T, thermoplastics carbonfilled Teflone.

  Engineered to exacting OEM specification

  All sizes andtypes of packing with variable rod and packing size

  Perfect hardness(proper-D hardness) and perfect composition of carbon/bronze with teflone in NL rings.

  Interchengable as per cartain part nos. of each rings.

  Available as per part nos. in individual ring set.

  Normally ex-stock available.