Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

  All rods are property heat treated to match OEM specification is normally used expect where the application indicates otherwise, for example, in corrosive service


  Immediate delivery on stock items

  Earlist delivery on special order rods

  Guranteed safe, dependable, long life

  Meets or exceeds specifications

  Confidence in finished products

  Eliminates hidden flaws, unnecessary breakdown

  Match exceed specification for any application

  Long life, less wear

  Years of OEM & field wisdom available to solve the toughest problems

  State-of-the art technology & knowledge

  Reduced overhead

  Saves money, reduces downtime


  Saimona quality control is equal or superior to most of the OEMs. At Saimona, a quality control reject is scrapped - not reworked to "make do". Rod finishes are controlled by surface grinding to fit OEM specifications and application requirements of even the most exacting high pressure condition, requring better than a 4 micro inch RMS surface. Quality checks insure that surface grind suits each application, such as requirements for teflon impregnation in mini-lube or non-lube service. Threads are manufactured to exacting specification as required by the application and OEM. Go, No Go gauge insure a final check of proper thered mating with rod nuts and cross head. Magnaflux and ultrasonic checks are your final assurance that each Saimona rod perform without idden flaw.